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CLASSICon was started by a group of enthusiasts who were determined to create a convention that truly promotes the worlds ever growing passion, careers in gaming and our love of games in one collaborative event.

We are the premiere video game convention in the four corners


Colorado’s Premiere

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Colorado’s Premiere

Meet, dance, and hang out with those other extroverts who came to Classicon

Saturday, 8:00 PM to Midnight

Songs, games, and a dance floor. Terrence Micheau will be hosting the fun time you’ll all be having. Punch and other drinks will be available to liven the event, and keep you from being too parched from the activities and memories you’ll be making with friends, both new and old.

No special equipment is required or expected for this event, outside of clothing that will highlight your fun evening and show to others what type of party person you are.

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Saturday Meet and Greet

Terrence Micheau

Founder of Classicon

A man of many talents, and many capabilities, he is going to try his best to provide you a capable and entertaining convention, and with the hard work and dedication involved, we can look forward to an amazing event.

Image by: Gabriel Jorby 2002

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