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CLASSICon was started by a group of enthusiasts who were determined to create a convention that truly promotes the worlds ever growing passion, careers in gaming and our love of games in one collaborative event.

We are the premiere video game convention in the four corners


Colorado’s Premiere

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Colorado’s Premiere

13- 15th August 2016

At the Radisson hotel in Denver...

By the "Nine Mile Station" only a few blocks away, CLASSICon is your one stop destination to see both the most cherished games and the newest in development.

Denver, Colorado is home to craft breweries, some of the best national skiing resorts, and breath taking scenery. Some thing a little less known is the large multitude of independent game developers, game companies and gamers. Which makes Denver Colorado the prefect place for this convention CLASSICon.

CLASSICon is a collaborative endeavor by multiple artists, companies and game developers in Colorado to create the ultimate celebration of the culture of games. With an emphasis on the classic games we have all come to know and love. Such games helped define our industry and have made gaming what it is today.

What can one expect from CLASSICon?

Featuring Home Grown Developers, Gamers, Games and other aspects of our unique culture.

Welcome to Classicon