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Colorado’s Premiere

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Colorado’s Premiere

Brittany L. Holmes

Founder and Owner of FemtoKitten Games

Brittany has 74 months experience programming games for PC and Console Devices. She has since been continuously studying and training in the art. She has had multiple jobs in the industry and has since then started her own company.

FemtoKitten Games was founded in 2013, and has since devoted itself to contract work and side development of strategy/board games.

More information on location and time will be available at a later date.

Deciding on a proper revenue source

Freemium? Subscription? Season Pass? Free To Play? Single-purchase? Donationware? What do all of these mean for your company and your game?

Brittany Holmes will take her time explaining the information she has gathered from talking to companies like Bay13, Xona, and 1Pup, and her own experiences as well. All the models are commonly used for a reason, and the model of income could be a massive influence a game’s design.

As such, it is important for all people who seek to set up their own companies, or who are new to the industry, to know the repercussions of the models of income.

This is a developer focused event.

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