Celebrating Fun

CLASSICon was started by a group of enthusiasts who were determined to create a convention that truly promotes the worlds ever growing passion, careers in gaming and our love of games in one collaborative event.

We are the premiere video game convention in the four corners


Colorado’s Premiere

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Colorado’s Premiere

Artist’s Alley:

What is artist’s alley?

Artist’s alley is the location in CLASSICon where all the artists, writers, and developers can be found, a centralized location for all the creators and those who wish ti meet with said creators.

Artist’s Alley is the premiere region within CLASSICon to display one’s creations, with subdivisions for Writers and Game Developers. Everyone who adds to the common creative pool with their drawings, sculptures, and other primarily visual mediums can be found within.

Writer’s Way is where those who create novels, non-fictional books, poetry, and short stories can be located. We at CLASSICon recognize that this is an important aspect of humanity’s creation and capabilities, as such a subdivision of Artist’s Alley has been created to this end.

Artist’s Alley, Writer’s Way, Developer’s Row

Developer’s Row is where the game Developers can be located. This is where developers ranging from the fully-fledged studios to the startups are found. Without their contributions and art our culture and heritage wouldn’t exist. For their efforts and contributions they are getting a distinct area of CLASSICon and we look forward to what they do with the space.

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