Celebrating Fun

CLASSICon was started by a group of enthusiasts who were determined to create a convention that truly promotes the worlds ever growing passion, careers in gaming and our love of games in one collaborative event.

We are the premiere video game convention in the four corners


Colorado’s Premiere

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Colorado’s Premiere

Other people such as :
_ Jett Ternland
_ Terrace Micheau

And events including the FaceOff can be read about from below.

Where we are and the benefits to our area

We are the prime contenders, and the first true Dev

We desire a true conference for classical and indie game aficionados, to meet the professionals, see titles new and old, and to celebrate the creative works of gamers in general.

First and foremost, this is a mixed level convention, with events that cater to both fans and developers.

Why go here?

Secondly,  we are the only major classical gaming convention between the West Coast and the Mississippi river.

Thirdly we’re relatively new.

Benefits to our area:

We take you back to the heyday of development, and the current age of development.

We have multiple industry veterans

We have a history of putting together similar evens.

Why are we valued?

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Business Hours

August 13th: 9am-10pm
August 14
h: 8am-10pm

August 15th: 10am-6pm

All Children Must be accompanied by an adult